Shopify + WordPress

Wordpress-and-Shopify Here’s a game changer for WordPress designers and developers: Shopify have released a Shopify Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress, so there is now another easy option for adding Ecommerce to a WordPress website . The plugin provides all the features and security that comes with Shopify too, making it a very disruptive playing the Ecommerce space. Woocommerce has […]

Ecommerce Stack

Ecommerce Tools Stack A bad workman always blames his tools -English proverb. On the flip side it can be said that a good workman doesn’t blame their tools, but, having the right tools can help! It also helps knowing what the best in the business are using, so welcome Ecommerce Stack. We came across Yogrow Ecommerce Stack when it was […]

Ecommerce Trends from 2014

2014 Ecommerce Trends In 2014 Ecommerce exploded. People got clued up and interested in a term they just weren’t used to. Here’s why: 2014 Ecommerce Summed Up Ecommerce On The Agenda This year has been a year of online discovery for many businesses. And with that, comes Ecommerce. As soon as businesses begun to understand what Ecommerce actually means, […]

New Design Elements

I’m working on a much bigger solution to searching multiple types of gallery items, like Mobile+Cart Pages, Green+Desktop+Product Pages. I thought I had a solution with query-multiple-taxonmies plugin, but it’s not quite intuitive enough yet. At the moment you have to manually query via the url. More on that another time. So in the meantime […]

New Mobile and Desktop eCommerce Styles

I’m glad to share that I’ve done even more development updates. This time they bring the same mobile/desktop visual differentiation I brought to the product pages to the archive pages. So as you are scanning through an archive you will easily be able to identify what is mobile, and what is desktop.  I also overhauled the […]